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About Us

ShutterTech, Inc. specializes in custom designing shutters to all styles of interiors ever since opening as The Shutter Shop in 1974. With more than forty years of service, The Shutter Shop became ShutterTech, Inc in 1990.  ShutterTech, Inc. is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania and is known for their U.S.A - Made "View Master" shutters, which are custom designed and manufactured to custom-fit any size/shape window. These custom designed shutters add beauty, elegance and value by providing a classic and more modern look to any interior building. "View Master" shutters are virtually maintenance free, with no fading, discoloration, warping or cracking!


Far superior to wood, our "ViewMaster" shutters are engineered with a recyclable wood substitute that is environmentally friendly. Meaning, no trees are destroyed in the process and no harmful chemicals are used to finish the shutter components! 


We have and continue to work within the four states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. We travel to the surrounding beaches and Pocono locations to install custom designed shutters, that fit your needs and likings for your interior. We also specialize in shades, blinds, motorized and skylights to enhance the beauty of any style home. We can do one specific window or every interior window. No job is ever too little or ever too big.


Contact us today for your consultation in allowing us to install beautiful, elegant and durable shutters into your interior today! 

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